Poster Contest - Cliffside Apartments

Valentines Day - Across JL Gray Communities

JL Gray Properties Receive Heavy Snow in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Christmas Party - JL Gray

Christmas Party - Las Vegas, New Mexico

Golden Acres & San Miguel Senior - Thanksgiving Celebrations

San Miguel Senior Thanksgiving Dinner

Cibola Apartments 2018 Halloween Door Decorating Contest

The door contest was great here at Cibola apartments! We had 4 participant's Apt # 10 was the winner of the 1st place price Amy Gaytan and Family (movie tickets and popcorn) Apt # 19 was 2nd place Somya Pande and Family (family basket) Apt #7 was 3rd Leanne Fountain (pizza) Apt #1 4th place Sara Hollett. (coffee mug and candle) Looking forward to do more of funny activities here at the property! As seen here in the photos the kids smiles tells it all, It was a fun afternoon with the contest, snacks and goody bags for the kids. Hoping to have more resident's getting involved next time!

Asset Manager Diana Sanchez was sworn in as a United States citizen on Friday, November 9th. We are so proud of her.

Chaco River Board of Directors Meeting