JL Gray employees attended the 2018 AC&TS

Over 40 hours of excellent training were offered at this conference. As April is the Fair Housing Month extensive training was offered in this area.

JL Gray Participates in the 2018 AC&TS Poster Contest

JL Gray communities from around the Southwest held poster parties for their residents. Poster where submited to AC&TS judges over 400 poster where submitted.

Winners of the 2018 AC&TS Poster Contest

Congratulations to all the winners. From the 400 that were submitted fourteen where chosen and JL Gray had eight winners. Each winner received a $250.00 gift card.

Winner of the 2018 AC&TS "People's Choice Award"

During the conference attendies voted on their favorite poster for the "People's Choice Award". The winner was Oscar Rodriguez 9th grader from Franklin Vista who received an additional $250.00. Oscar has won the "Peoples Choice Award" two years in a row

2018 AC&TS Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients, Leah Gray, Makiah Arviso, Ashliy Mann, Abrian Gorman, and Brenda James from Cliffside Apartments, and Ruwini Rajapaksha from Cibola Apartments. They all said tell everyone thank you very much and they were all grateful for receiving this scholarship.